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9 things Redcastle Couples wish they’d known before their wedding

Tuesday, 10 July 2018
We’ve asked some Redcastle couples what they wish they had known when they started planning their wedding and this is what they’ve told us... 

The Day Before. Make no appointments the day before the wedding, to allow for any last-minute necessities, or to just relax! On this day you should also bring your wedding dress and suit covers and the veil box to the hotel, so packing them after the wedding is trouble-free. 

Talk to your guests. Taking the time to go around the tables between courses is a great opportunity to make sure you have spoken to all your guests, then you can dance the night away.

EAT. If you are offering sandwiches, canapes or tray bakes for your guests on arrival, ask the hotel to plate some of these up for you and leave in the bridal suite for a quick nibble when you arrive at the hotel, as you are most likely haven’t eaten anything since breakfast! 

You don’t need to wear heels. But if you do, always bring a spare pair of flat shoes for the evening of your wedding. Many couples would bring baskets of flip flops for their guests too!

Don’t check the weather. We are in Ireland, so rain is always a possibility, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a beautiful wedding day packed with fun! Stay calm and stay away from the Donegal Weather Channel! Our tip: get married on a date that is special to you, not a day that you hope will be sunny.

Book a videographer. And a photographer. It is great to have the video and photographs of the wedding to relive and treasure every minute again and again. You will have both for the rest of your life, so get samples from different companies and ensure you book good professionals. 

Spend time with your other half. The day goes so fast it’s hard to even realise. That’s why it’s important to make sure to spend time with each other. Go to the bar or back to the bridal suite to have a few minutes together and reflect on your special day. 

Don’t try to copy others. Everyone is different and, hence, every wedding is too; you don’t need to follow what others have done. There are so many apps available where you can get so many ideas from, which is great. But don’t stress yourself trying to make a Pinterest perfect wedding and stick to the one theme and colour that suit you best as a couple. It is your special day and you will only regret it if you don’t stick to what you like. 

Have fun. Who cares if the groom is not wearing his tie; or if one bridesmaid’s heel broke – flip flop baskets to the rescue! Everyone you love is here celebrating with you, so leave your worries aside and enjoy! It’s your wedding day after all.

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