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Seal Spotting 1

CANOEING ON #CANOEDAYCanoeing is a great enjoyment and it can be practiced solo, as a couple and as a team or family activity. It’s all about teamwork, getting in the mutual flow, paddling together! Even in individual boats it's all about collaborating wi...

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15 things to do in the Summer

Tuesday, 20 June 2017
15thingsto doin theSummer (1)

Summer is finally here! In the Summer everything seems better, doesn’t it? Days are longer and brighter and there are lots of fun things to do that allow us to unwind and forget our worries. Below we have listed 15 of our favourite Summer Activities....

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Thursday, 08 June 2017

Father’s Day is coming so it is time to choose a gift for Dad. Yeah, your Dad is most likely the hardest person you know to shop for, but that is why we are here! With these Father’s Day gift ideas, you’ll succeed! Read away.Take him to LunchIt is said th...

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