Celebrating DrinkWineDay: Tindal Wines. Our Wine Supplier

Saturday, 18 February 2017
Tindal Wine Merchants is an independent, family owned company dedicated to carefully sourcing wines directly from the vineyards that truly reflect the regions from whence they come. We import wines globally, from all of the famous wine growing areas representing many world renowned winemakers. These wines are distributed by our own team of knowledgeable professionals throughout Ireland.

We are of the belief that wines, and the vineyards they’re grown in should adhere to minimum intervention, therefore, a large chunk of the wines we import are produced using organic, biodynamic or at least sustainable principles.

As a company we are constantly striving to increase our knowledge through travel and tastings. We recognise the importance of education within the trade and the beneficial effect it has on wine sales in both on and off-trade accounts.  We educate through informal tastings and staff training or formally in our capacity as WSET Approved Programme Providers offering courses in Levels 1 to 3 all year round.

I have been working with the Redcastle Hotel as their main wine supplier for what must nearly be a decade now and I must say it’s been a pleasure. What always strikes me about the hotel is the good bunch working there, many faces have been consistent for many years and I can always feel a real team spirit when I’m around. Whether I ring or call in I’m always greeted by my first name in the most friendly of manners, a great part of which I’m sure is the Donegal attitude.

When it comes to wine selection, the Redcastle Hotel is exactly the type of hotel I like to deal with and is unlike many in that great detail goes into the selection of their wines and particularly the house wines. When it comes to selection we typically take the time to taste a variety of options, weighing up quality and price to ensure the wines always punch above the weight in each price category. What is unusual about the Redcastle is that at these tastings the management and financial departments will all take the time to taste and appraise the wines – so often these days a decision like this can be made looking at a spreadsheet on a computer screen which is generally detrimental to the guests experience. Here, you can rest assured that the house wines and other wines on the list are all good examples of the regions which they represent and taste really good.

Special Offers

We have a range of special offers that will suit all of our guests. From relaxing spa and delicious dining to midweek stays and outdoor experiences, you are certain to find the ultimate treat for yourself or a loved one at the beautiful Redcastle Hotel and Spa in Donegal.