at Redcastle Hotel

While we'd recommend visiting anytime of the year, Christmas in Redcastle seems to shine just a little bit brighter—in many cases, quite literally.

Redcastle Hotel offers the ideal winter holiday destination, during your time in Inishowen. We have curated amazing activities for our guests to enjoy.

There are many options available nearby, such as Wild Ireland, Wild Alpaca Way, Doagh Famine Village and much more that make Redcastle Hotel the best place to visit in Inishowen.

Join us for a magical Christmas at Redcastle! Enjoy a 4 night festive package including the gourmet food, winter walks, activities and entertainment for the whole family at The Redcastle Oceanfront Golf and Spa Hotel. Our Christmas programme is designed for your total relaxation and enjoyment over the festive period. 

The days are short, and the nights are cold, but the magic of Christmas is an uplifting event in Donegal. The local community and visitors come together to celebrate Christmas. It's undoubtedly one of the best experiences you are going to have during Christmas Break in Inishowen.

3 days is the minimum we generally advise, to make sure you’ve ample time to experience all the sites and sounds of Inishowen. Don’t fret if you’re visiting on a time constraint, our helpful staff can help you plan your trip regardless of the length of your stay. A week is just enough time for the highlights of Inishowen - take our word for it! 

Redcastle Hotel offers one of the most memorable Christmas holidays around, with plenty of fun activities to revel in. We offer a unique opportunity for Luxury Christmas Hotel Breaks in Inishowen, with lots of dreamy activities and day-trips to choose from. We provide magic shows, movie time and entertainment during your stay. We also offer amazing ideas for you to make the most out of your Christmas stay, with us.

Inishowen can be visited at any time of the year, with a good time guaranteed. December has a special magic attached to it though in Inishowen. Biased as we are, we couldn’t think of a better place to visit in December, than Inishowen.

Special Offers

We have a range of special offers that will suit all of our guests. From relaxing spa and delicious dining to midweek stays and outdoor experiences, you are certain to find the ultimate treat for yourself or a loved one at the beautiful Redcastle Hotel and Spa in Donegal.