Green Commitment Local Saeweed

Our Green commitment

Here at the Redcastle Spa we are commited to the environment and reduction of waste. We use Voya seaweed in our treatments which nurtures and protects the skin thanks to its natural and beneficial ingredients.

Once used in treatments our therapists encourage the customer to take the seaweed home as it can be re-used on the skin for the next 3 days. But its benefits don't stop there!

Seaweed is a fantastic organic food for your garden. Use the seaweed mixed with the soil to give your garden all the benefits from the sea!

Redcastle Spa: Supporting Local Organic Farmers 

Following this idea to reduce waste and look after the environment, the Spa will be supplying our excess used seaweed to the local organic fruit farmer Patrick McCartney to utilise on his fruit growth, which we will avail of for our relaxation room.