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Malin Head Where The Stars Gather To Shine

Friday, 05 May 2017

As you all know by now, Donegal was chosen by NationalGeographic as the Coolest Place on the Planet but we are ready to show that itis, indeed, the coolest place in the Universe!

Donegal contains a myriad of sites to choose from. One ofthese beautiful spots is Malin Head, today known worldwide as Star Wars wasfilmed here. Malin is wild yet inviting and offers breath-taking views andlandscapes to its visitors. If you arethe adventurous type, there is so much for you to do here: from walking andhiking to bird watching, fishing and practising water sports. Or you can justrelax and enjoy your surroundings, which are some of the most stunning in the world.

We follow the steps of Gerry McKeever, Redcastle'sConcierge, who will show you all the wonders that this corner of the worldcalled Inishowen has to offer.

  • Heading north from the Redcastle Hotel and through Movilleyou will have the opportunity to admire the gorgeous Irish countryside beforearriving in Malin town. Nowadays mobile phones have taken over, however in thispicturesque town you still can find an old phone booth!

Malin Head

  • Five Fingers Strand. Close to Malin is worth a visit to thisbeautiful beach, called by the locals Lagg Beach. Sand dunes, which are consideramong the tallest in Europe and the impressive views of the coast line from thenearby chapel, it will show you the true nature of Inishowen.


  • Malin Head: The most northerly point of Ireland attractsvisitors for many reasons. Not only here will so see the pure essence ofIreland in the traditional cottages and stunning country side, you can alsoadmire nature in all its splendour. From the well-known Tower offers unbelievableviews of this rugged coastline where enthusiasts of climbing and adventureactivities will burst in joy. This point is also one of the few places you cansee the Northern Lights in Europe outside the Artic Circle. Enjoy a beautifulwalk along the coast and the cliffs and get amazed by the Hell’s Hole, asubterranean cavern and gorge that will leave you in awe! Malin Head is a palce with beauty but also character, whichmade it the location chosen by Star Wars to film the latest film of the saga, TheLast Jedi.

  • Also, if you are visiting Malin Head you need to pay a visitto Peter McAvenue at his Curiosity Shop. He knows Inishowen so well that heeven acts as an unofficial tourist guide! At the shop, he stores all sort ofoddities and treasures. It’s definitely worth a look!

  • After the long walk, it's time to recharge your batteries!And what better way than with a pint of Guinness at the most northerly bar inIreland, Farren's that is! You will recognize it immediately: Yoda will greetyou at the door.

  • No matter what brings you to Inishowen, we are sure it willmake a visit of a lifetime, because, at the end of the day, it’s the CoolestPlace On The Planet!

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