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15 things to do in the Summer

Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Summer is finally here! In the Summer everything seems better, doesn’t it? Days are longer and brighter and there are lots of fun things to do that allow us to unwind and forget our worries. 

Below we have listed 15 of our favourite Summer Activities. What is your favourite thing to do in the Summer?

1. Enjoy a fun family break
2. Enjoy a deserved break, away from the kids
3. Eat ice cream nonstop! 
4. Go for a swim 
5. Enjoy a summery cocktail - or a few!
6. Wear your favourite sandals!
7. Eat lots of Summer Fruits
8. Go for a walk along the beach
9. Go walking or hiking in beautiful Inishowen – now that it’s dry!
10. Have a beer outdoors
11. Go on a canoe adventure in the Lough Foyle with Inish Adventures
12. Leave the coat at home
13. Enjoy breakfast in the sun
14. Play a nice round of Golf – and win!

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