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CanoeDay - Guest Blog by Inish Adventures

Monday, 26 June 2017

Canoeing is a great enjoyment and it can be practiced solo, as a couple and as a team or family activity. It’s all about teamwork, getting in the mutual flow, paddling together! Even in individual boats it's all about collaborating with your buddies, communication on a different level. When people get out on the water you see the excitement on their faces. And when they spot a seal popping its head above the water or a dolphin swimming along, it is a unique moment! A few days back we spotted a school of eight dolphins in the Foyle, swimming towards the Atlantic. It is a wonderful vision. I have seen many dolphins throughout my life but I still get excited.

dolphins in the Foyle

The practice of water sports has not been too popular in Ireland due to the weather being cold and wet, but it is completely fine when you are appropriately kitted and prepared. A lot of newbies like to sit at the front and paddle as they think it is easier; in truth, it is easier at the back, because you see the work that is being done in front and you know how hard you have to paddle.

river foyle canoeing

Parents get so proud of their kids when they see them start to get brave and take to the water fiercely. Some kids hesitate at the start but we just guide them and let them do everything at their own pace. Children take up paddling very quick, they learn so fast, so it is important to let them try it early. Paddling is great for their reflexes, their fitness and, most importantly, their tablets and phones are not water proof so they are left at home! It will also build up their appetite, they will eat anything afterwards. There are so many benefits but I would say the main one is they have loads of fun. 

group watersports in donegal

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