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International Women's Day - Meet the Women that Make The Redcastle Hotel

Wednesday, 04 March 2020
Behind every business there are many people who work hard every day to make it possible. Likewise, at The Redcastle Hotel we are proud to have an amazing team who go above and beyond for our customers.

A large part of our team members are women. Distributed through the different departments of the hotel, their knowledge and abilities are essential for our business. In their honour, and coinciding with the celebration of International Women's Day, we want you to meet some of these silent heroes that make The Redcastle Hotel such a special place.

Women's Day
Aine Nash, Senior Spa Therapist
Aine has been providing wellness in the hotel’s spa for almost 15 years. Her work and experience are highly valued by the rest of the team.

She likes the diversity that her job brings her and the possibility to work with a variety of products, treatments and, of course, customers. “They make every day different”, she says. “I can honestly say I have met some of the most interesting people while working at The Redcastle Hotel”.

Women's Day
Yvette Malveiro, Duty Manager
Yvette’s passion for the hospitality industry brought her to The Redcastle Hotel 3 years ago. Yvette is the person you will want to see in the morning, as she will be the one to go for a delicious breakfast or a well-loaded coffee to start the day off right.

Yvette highlights the good atmosphere between colleagues, which makes work easier and more comfortable. But, according to her, there is one thing that makes it all worthwhile: “getting to see the sunrise on the Foyle every morning”.

Rona McDonald, Chef de Partie
Rona has been at The Redcastle Hotel for 5 years now, sharing her love for cooking with colleagues from whom she learns every day.

Like most women, Rona is a multitasker. She works comfortably in different sections within the kitchen of the award-winning Edge Restaurant and enjoys the variety of cooking her job provides. However, she has a soft spot for pastry, so do not miss the opportunity to try some of the desserts from the menu.

Women's Day
Dayna Molloy, Receptionist
Dayna started working in the Redcastle Hotel 5 years ago and has become a very valuable member of the Reception team since. She has great experience in the role, so don’t hesitate to ask her for information – she will have the answers to your questions! 

Women's Day
Aisleen McDonald, Wedding Coordinator
Aisleen has worked in Harcourt Developments for over a decade, working at the Redcastle Hotel and sister properties Titanic Hotel Liverpool and Titanic Hotel Belfast.

Currently, Aisleen is the fairy godmother of the Redcastle Hotel; she is responsible for making all couples’ wedding dreams come true. Now she has to organise the most important wedding of her career: her own! Congratulations, Aisleen. 

Women's Day
Ann & Margaret Mullan, Ground Floor Cleaning Assistants
You haven’t arrived at The Redcastle Hotel until Ann and Margaret greet you in the morning. Their friendliness is so contagious it is no surprise that, in the 7 years they have been working in the hotel, these two sisters from Redcastle have become two of the most beloved members of the team. Thus, what they enjoy the most about their job is being able to share it with others and being part of a team. 

The Redcastle Hotel is full of incredible women who work tirelessly to accommodate our guests’ needs and offer them the best service. To all of them: thank you.

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